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I'm Angel Celio


Hello! I'm Angel Celio. Senior Web Developer that used to do front end development mostly, but lately my involment with back end development has increased. I like to get involved in all stages of the development cycle for any project, using an Agile methodology, SCRUM or KANBAN depending on what needs to be done.

Professional Skills

PHP 90%
JavaScript 85%
Laravel 80%
MySql 75%
Redis 68%
Node.js 20%
Angular 10%
Git 86%
Photoshop 53%

Work Experience

2016 - 2017


Sr Web Developer

In here i worked on the Frontend and backed of the site, the dev env was in a Vagrant VM, running a LEMP stack, provisioned with Ansible, for the Frontend we use Javascript, HTML, CSS (with LESS as preprocessor), also we use Gulp to move assets and minify CSS and JS, the view were handle in Blade template. On the backed we use Laravel (5.2) as a PHP (7.0) framework, MySQL for the database and Redis for the Session. One of my tasks was to connect the Frontend with the backend, creating the necessary methods to receive the data coming form the AJAX calls. Also worked on Middlewares to handle different configs for the flow and reorder the steps based on the selected config. For the site my task was to integrate the html and css to our Laravel environment, modifying the base structure so both sites could live in the same repo and share the necessary components. We also have an integration with Zoho for the Telesales team to handle customer data.

2015 - 2016


Sr Web Developer

In here we started a project using Laravel 5.0 as base framework, Gulp for Frontend tasks, MySQL for the database, the project is prepare for php 7.0, and at the moment we are using the latests functions from php 5.6 such as type hinting, closures & variadic functions, we focused on doing the project with abstract components in order to avoid changing a lot of code when changes are required, our dev environment is nicely setup in a Vagrant box.

2012 - 2015


Team Leader

In here i started as Sr. Web dev, developing functionalities for all the sites, after 6 months i got my first solo project. 6 months after that i became team leader and i was in charge of the mobile theme project. I also was part of the Linio expansion team, were we launched Linio Chile, and helped in the launch of Linio Panama. I also acted as Release Manager, taking care of all the related to our repo. After this i returned to team management, at this part im in charge of half of the site, which includes Homepage, Catalog page, Product page and Customer section, SEO, and recently added the same sections for mobile theme

2012 - 2012


Web Developer

In here i was in charge in the maintenance of some sites and the creation of new functionalities (Frontend & backend) Using PHP, Codeigniter Framework, CSS, Jquery, Wordpress.

2011 - 2012


Web Developer

Develop E-commerce using Adobe Coldfusion, CSS, Jquery, my main activities were in frontend part, QA and speed improvements.

2011 - 2011



I was given the wireframes in paper and i had to build the html markup, after all the markup was completed the php functions were added. In here i was mostly involved with the fronetnd side. Framework used: CodeIgniter.

My Interests

  • Photography
  • Watch Movies
  • Beer
  • Swimming
  • Travel
  • Tennis
  • Bowling

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